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Known Adventurers
and Years Joined

• Boyd, Richie [2012]
• Burnette, Zach [2012]
• Clark, David [2015]
• Hall, Cameron [2007]
• Hargis, Jason [2012]
• Harper, Cory [2017]
• Hendon, Hunter [2012]
• Henry, Terry [2012]
• Jacobi, Tyler [2017]
• Johnson, Dewayne (Debo) [2015]
• Johnson, Chloe [2017]
• London, Cody [2012]
• Mason, Aaron [2007]
• Mason, Ashley [2016]
• Mason, Justin Andrew [2007]
• Rogers, Bob [2015]
• Thomas, Noah [2007]
• Wright, Chris [2007]
• Williams, Brian (Elmo) [2007]

Membership Requirements

The guild is free to join, and there are no dues or responsibilities required to maintain membership. To qualify for membership an individual must have actively played the role of a character in at least one session of any tabletop roleplaying game within the city limits of Hopkinsville, Kentucky in which an existing guild member was the game master. The qualifying game must have occured while the game master was a qualified guild member.

If you meet these requirements and would like to be a guild member, please send an e-mail to join@hopgamers.com with the following information: your first and last name, the name of the existing guild member who ran the game you played in, the general date (doesn’t have to be specific) of that game session. Any additional notes about the game played will help to verify qualification. Once verified, you will be added to the list of known adventurers and be considered an official member of the guild.

We Have Free Swag!

To celebrate 10 years of comradery, the guild now has official tin badges! If you are a member of the guild then you are entitled to your own badge. These are provided free of cost to all members. If you need a replacement badge, they are $5 each. To request your free badge or a replacement badge, please e-mail swag@hopgamers.com with your name and address. The 2-inch badges are black-and-white and bear the official guild seal seen at the top of this page.


The Adventurers Guild for Tabletop Roleplaying of Hopkinsville, Kentucky was founded in June of 2007 by Justin Andrew Mason. Originally titled, "Hoptown Game Nights", the Adventurers Guild was simply the title given to the group of participants.

The group was formed with the initial intent of expanding to include planned and scheduled events for local gamers. Modest membership dues were 100% utilized to buy snacks and drinks for these events. In the first few years of service the guild ran regular events in addition to tabletop gaming such as CCG Tournaments and Anime Movie Nights.

Eventually, the guild was repurposed to serve as a pseudo-honor bestowed upon those who had partaken in games run by existing guild members, thereby perpetually expanding potential membership.

Now more than 10 years since its founding, there is no intent to evolve the guild beyond these current purposes. It’s just a fun tradition and an unique community to be a part of.


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